About The Attorney And The Law Practice

David R. Wilson is an experienced attorney with a strong background that proves itself to be valuable both for his own clients and for other attorneys with a need for help with:

As a former law enforcement agent and detective and a longtime consulting business owner, Mr. Wilson’s knowledge in these and related business areas areas of law stands out as both practical and extensive. He has served as an expert witness in commercial litigation and investigations. Through his consulting business focusing on electronic data management, he has done business with lawyers and parties in numerous legal cases throughout the Dallas area and beyond.

An Attorney With Ethics As The Backbone Of The Practice

Beyond legal education, skills and knowledge, a lawyer’s usefulness to his clients often comes down to a matter of character. Born and raised in Texas in a working-class family, he learned the importance of ethics as his father instilled in him by example and with these words: “Your most valuable asset in life is your integrity.” As a police officer, a detective, a business owner and a lawyer, these values have remained a constant theme in his professional life.

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Interpersonal relationships based on honesty are as vital at Wilson Law Practice PLLC, as the firm’s up-to-date technologically assisted communications. Every attorney-client relationship begins with a thoughtful, thorough initial consultation. To schedule an appointment with Mr. Wilson regarding business disputes and litigation, information governance or any legal issue, send an email to our Bedford office through this website or call 469-453-1750.